Intelligent Perimeter Systems (IPS) is dedicated to developing and integrating advanced traffic and vehicle access control products and systems to protect valuable human and physical assets from Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) and other related vehicle borne threats.

VBIEDs, commonly referred to as vehicle bombs, are fast becoming the weapon of choice for terrorists around the world. Through seamlessly combining state-of-the-art physical and electronic security technologies, IPS provides turnkey solutions to complex traffic control and perimeter defense challenges. IPS serves a variety of high-profile public and private sector clients, including government agencies, utilities, bridge and port authorities, toll way authorities, railroads, large commercial sites, and many others. IPS markets its products around the world, both directly and through a network of certified distributors.


IPS has a corporate headquarters and R&D facility in Ohio, two sales and marketing offices – one in suburban Virginia and another in the UK – and third-party contract agreements for production and field operations.

Products and Services

IPS currently markets its products and services in the following categories:

  • Perimeter Defense
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Installation and Maintenance Services
  • Traffic Control

Perimeter Defense

IPS offers three lines of retractable security barriers – the medium-security Model 300 and high-security Model 400 and Model 500. These new-to-the-world barriers were developed to address the need for intelligent area denial and perimeter security applications. The Model 300 barriers are capable of stopping a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 30 mph. The K12-rated Model 400 barriers are certified by the United States Department of State to stop a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph. The barriers deploy fully in less than 6 seconds in normal operation mode, and in less than 2 seconds in emergency operation mode. IPS vehicle barriers are self-contained, eliminating the need for a central hydraulic pump station or underground lines. Specifically, each barrier has an independent hydraulic power system and all electromechanical components are housed directly next to each barrier, providing environmental protection and ease of access for maintenance or replacement.; Model 300, 400 and 500 barrier systems can be operated locally using a panel or keypad, or remotely using high-speed Ethernet radio or satellite communication. Remote monitoring of the system is possible through a secure web-enabled interface. All IPS security barriers are shipped in a pre-fabricated, steel foundation, significantly reducing on site installation requirements and cost. Additionally, the barriers operate on low power (24v) and each barrier has its own independent battery back-up system in case of power outages.

In addition to its primary barrier lines, IPS’ also offers a complete system solution called Intelli-Gate. Intelli-Gate integrates several off-the-shelf access control technologies to automate the entry of people and vehicles into a secure location. Utilizing standard access control hardware with proprietary IPS software, Intelli-Gate provides users with the ability to instantaneously identify and screen authorized personnel, vehicles and visitors as a means to control access into any secured location accurately and in real-time. Intelli-Gate seamlessly integrates multiple technologies, including sensors, readers and access control hardware panel, allowing the system to be adapted to a variety of custom configurations. The flexible system architecture is designed to provide clients with a single data entry interface that exchanges information with related databases using ODBC compliant sockets. Database queries can be accomplished from a personal computer, tablet PC or wireless PDA. Wireless equipment is connected to the Intelli-Gate host database through an 802.11b/g encrypted wireless LAN.

Furthermore, IPS has recently introduced a new line of intelligent barriers called Intelli-Barrier. IPS’ Intelli-Barrier product line integrates IPS’ DOS K12-rated vehicle bollard arrays with various intrusion detection, CCTV, explosive, chemical/biological, and radiation detection devices to secure the access points and perimeters of critical infrastructure facilities (e.g., military bases, government buildings, commercial infrastructure, etc.). The IPS Intelli-Barrier system has the ability to integrate multiple technologies, providing users with the appearance of a single system. As with the Intelli-Gate system, Intelli-Barriers leverage flexible system architecture that provides clients with a single data entry interface that exchanges information with related databases using ODBC compliant sockets. Additionally, Intelli-Barrier products each boast self-contained motors, hydraulic controls, power supply, and detection devices and sensors that provide customers with state-of-the-art physical and electronic security and intrusion detection.

Monitoring Systems

IPS recently developed and commercialized Intelli-Monitor, a new-to-the-world software monitoring solution designed to help customers evaluate the health and status of their access control systems and related security equipment quickly and easily. Intelli-Monitor provides users with real-time system health and diagnostic data, including power and battery status, controller memory, panel temperature, sensor loads, barrier cycle and run time, pump cycle and run time, and communication device status, among other things. Intelli-Monitor can be operated locally from a LAN-based desktop or laptop PC, or remotely using high-speed Ethernet, cellular or satellite communication links. Remote monitoring of the system is possible through a secure web-enabled interface.

Installation & Maintenance Services

IPS offers customers a complete menu of equipment installation and maintenance services, ranging from installation oversight to turnkey installation management and system maintenance, service and support. While IPS’ perimeter defense and traffic control are extremely low maintenance by design, routine maintenance services including brush replacement, electrical connection checks, cylinder debris removal and system cycle tests should be conducted to ensure that equipment stays in excellent operating condition at all times.

Traffic Control

IPS offers two lines of traffic control delineators the flexible polymeric Model 100 and the non-flexible aluminum Model 200. The IPS retractable traffic control barriers were developed as a safe and easy way to control or redirect traffic, particularly in situations where repetitive changes in lane usage or traffic flow patterns are required. IPS delineators eliminate crew exposure to hazardous situations during traffic flow changes by eliminating the need for workers to place pylons, drums or vertical panels. The delineators also have valuable security applications,including providing management or control of traffic around secure facilities (e.g., serpentine lanes), or as protection devices at railroad crossings. Additional applications include traffic flow management at toll collection lanes, weigh stations, parking lots, tunnel and bridge entrances, HOV lanes and reversible lanes.The delineators are flexible, but highly durable polymeric pylons designed to withstand repeated vehicle impacts. The barriers are housed in self-contained cartridges recessed in the ground and can be easily raised or lowered as needed. Each barrier can be individually controlled or controlled as part of an array of delineators that takes commands from a central control unit.


As a value-added hardware and software solution developer and integrator capable of addressing new perimeter defense and traffic control requirements, as well as retrofitting most existing system applications being used today, IPS is an end-to-end perimeter security and traffic management solutions provider serving customers in the homeland security, military, transportation and private sector markets.


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