Product Overview

The IPS Intelli-Barrier product line integrates U.S. DOS K12- and UK PAS 68-rated vehicle barriers with various state-of-the-art threat detection sensors, including CCTV, laser curtain intrusion detection, wide area lighting, and audible enunciators to secure the access points and perimeters of critical infrastructure facilities. The Intelli-Barrier system can integrate multiple technologies and threat detection devices in a single, user-friendly product.  Intelli-Barrier products each boast self-contained motors, hydraulic controls, power supply, and sensor-based detection devices.

Typical Applications

military facilities, embassies, utility plants, oil refineries, airports, courthouses, ports, bridges and tunnels, dams, water treatment facilities, office buildings

Notable Features
  • U.S. K12- and UK PAS 68-rated vehicle barriers with integrated threat detection sensors, including:

    1. Infrared intrusion
    2. CCTV
    3. Laser curtain intrusion
    4. Wide area lighting
    5. Audible enunciators
    6. Tamper detection
    7. Heat/humidity

    *     Additional threat detection sensors – including explosive detection, chemical/biological weapons detection and radiation detection – are currently in development and will be available in Spring 2008
    *     Flexible manifold design permits custom sensors to be added to barriers based on unique customer requirements
    *     Health and status monitoring add-on module provides customers with real-time system function and operation information and diagnostics through a direct connection, or wirelessly utilizing high-speed Ethernet radio or satellite
    *     Flexible system architecture provides customers with a single data entry interface that exchanges information with related databases using ODBC compliant sockets
    *     Barriers engineered to stop a 30,000 lb. (13608 Kg) vehicle traveling at 50 mph (80 kph)
    *     Rapid-response barriers fully deploy in less than six seconds in normal operation mode and in less than two seconds in emergency operation mode
    *     Self-contained, modular motors, hydraulic controls, and power supplies provide environmental protection and ensure reliable operation in extreme climates
    *      Independent battery/charging systems in each barrier ensure reliable operation during power outages
    *     Intelli-Barriers can be seamlessly integrated with new or existing perimeter security and access control equipment, traffic signs and loop detectors, motorized gates, and a variety of other vehicle sensors  Custom solutions can also be designed.

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