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Model 400 (US)

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Product Overview

The IPS Model 400 retractable vehicle barriers were developed through a Department of Defense research grant to provide complete area denial and perimeter security protection. Certified at the highest levels by the United States Department of State and the United Kingdom MI5, the K12-and PAS 68-rated Model 400 barriers are the first line of defense for valuable assets. These innovative barriers are self-contained modular units, eliminating the need for a central pump station and making the barriers uniquely easy to install, operate and maintain.

Typical Applications

Military facilities, embassies, airports, utility plants, oil refineries, courthouses, ports, bridges and tunnels, dams, water treatment facilities, office buildings

Notable Features
  • Certified to stop a 15,000 lb. (6804 Kg) vehicle traveling at 50 mph (80 kph)
  • Engineered to stop a 30,000 lb. (13608 Kg) vehicle traveling at 50 mph (80 kph)
  • High-strength steel pylon withstands high-speed vehicle impacts with minimal or no damage
  • Self-contained, independent hydraulic power system in each barrier eliminates the need for a central hydraulic pump station and underground lines
  • Modular motor, hydraulic unit and power cartridges can be easily accessed, removed and/or replaced for easy maintenance and repair
  • Rapid-response barriers fully deploy in 6 seconds in normal operation mode and in less than 2 seconds in optional emergency operation mode
  • Low power requirement – underground barriers operate on 24-volts and are charged by standard power – provides easy and low-cost operation
  • Integrated bilge pump, sealed motor housing, and all-weather hydraulic fluid provide environmental protection and ensure reliable operation in extreme climates
  • Independent battery/charging system in each barrier ensures reliable operation during power outages
  • Optional integrated LED lighting makes the Model 300 barrier visible in all weather conditions, climates or times of day.
  • Engineered, pre-fabricated, steel-reinforced foundation make installation of barriers quick, easy and cost-effective – simply dig, trench or directional bore, position unit, connect power and controls, and pour concrete
  • Self-leveling installation braces allow the barriers to be installed and leveled from road grade
  • Retractable barriers can be seamlessly integrated with new or existing perimeter security and access control equipment, traffic signs and loop detectors, motorized gates, and a variety of other vehicle sensors  Custom solutions can also be designed.
  • Optional threat detection sensors can be added to the barriers for intrusion detection and perimeter protection – adding valuable electronic defense to market-leading physical defense
  • IPS’ retractable barriers can be controlled and monitored through a direct connection, or wirelessly utilizing high-speed Ethernet radio or satellite

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Model 400 (US)
Model 400 (UK)
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